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CORE Taekwondo Performance Center offers excellence in training through impeccable fundamentals, beautiful forms (poomsaes), and championship sparring.

Our training builds strong bodies and strong minds and inevitably leads to assets in other aspects of life; at school, at work, in other sports. This heightened confidence and internal peace foster improved relationships with all those around you.

Our Dojhang (school) is built around the family. Young children often play while we train. At age 3, they start their own training with the Little Lions, learning respect, discipline, teamwork, and focus.

And as the kids grow, so does the intensity of our training. We tailor our offerings to each individual, providing just the right teaching at just the right time.

Also, we do offer classes to adults who would like to learn a new discipline and philosophy. We make sure to always adapt our exercises to all levels and bring our support to push our students to their best performances.

We build black belts! You will learn fundamentals and forms, and you will learn to fight. Come and bring it on!



I've started Taekwondo when I was a teenager. My parents registered me at a nearby Taekwondo school. I've never stopped since then, and I've mostly focused my abilities on sparring. I competed in the -67kg weight division where I've medalled at the Taekwondo National Championships in France, and also the USA Taekwondo AAU National Championships, and several international opens.

I want to transfer the knowledge I acquired to our students and share with them the benefits of sparring. I also pursue a Master's in French and teach at the same time at NC State University.

Caitlin  Longmire

At age 10, I started training in taekwondo under Master Kim and Master Hyon. I am currently a 3rd degree black belt and leader/member of our demo team. I became an instructor soon after Master Douglas took over the school in 2016, assisting with classes and our afterschool program. I've won mutliple awards and medals at local tournaments in Sparring and Poomsae and recieved 3rd place at the 2019 USA Taekwondo National Championships for Demo Team. Outside of Taekwondo, I'm currently studying to become a physical therapist.



I started volunteering at Core for Summer Camps and I am happy to be part of the Core Taekwondo family now. I love to help the afterschool kids with homework, play games or just watch a movie with them. I try to implement notions like respect, trust, and discipline while having fun that the school promotes for the students.

I am a proud mom of four and have two wonderful grandchildren. In my spare time, I like to knit, bake, and go antiquing with my husband.

Douglas Townsend

I'm a 4th Dan Black Belt, and I have studied Taekwondo since the age of 8 years old. In 2013, I became the +80 kg Weight Division Fighter for the US Virgin Islands Taekwondo National Team as well as one of the Olympic Hopefuls to represent my country in 2016 for the Rio Olympic Games.

Since then I competed in 2014, at the Costa Rica Open and placed third, placed top 16 and qualified for the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto, and finished Quarterfinals at the 2016 Pan Am Olympic Games Qualifier in Aguascalientes.


Julie Monjanel-townsend

Shaun  Townsend

I have competed and won multiple medals in local Taekwondo tournaments. Simultaneously, I trained in capoeira, and I am currently competing at the National level with our demo team while training for my 3rd degree black belt. In my spare time, I write and produce music in a band I started called "Homies Collective". Also, I am a stunt coordinator for an upcoming local film company called Street Nerds Productions. 


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